Controlling behavior in dating

They can be moody for no apparent reason and are known for their possessiveness and jealousy, but if they're seriously committed to a relationship, they are responsible and will always remain stable and true through any relationship highs and lows.Scorpios are extremely dependable, protective, loyal, and faithful, and even more so if they receive the same from their partner.They can behave in ways that are: Perhaps their most mysterious behavior is that if the relationship has gotten too calm, comfortable, and loving, they will behave in ways that stir up trouble. Likewise, due to the fixed quality of these extremes, their behavior can be overwhelming.

When you examine Scorpio's love behavior, it's easy to see why this sign almost dominates so many of the creative arts.Water is a powerful element; it washes land away, puts out fires, and dissolves air.When it comes to love, the water influence means Scorpios tend to: Scorpio's quadruplicity is within the fixed category.Fixed signs are the least movable of the quadruplicities.Fixed energy runs deep, hangs on, and does not give up.

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