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It truly would not have been the same without all of our family and friends there.

We were so happy to receive [the gift], and we look forward to [options: using it for years to come, having it brighten our home for years to come, cherishing it as a beautiful wedding memento, make toast with it, etc].

Wedding is a point in time when family members meet up and celebrate the occasion.Thank you again for joining in the celebration of our marriage.With gratitude, Lorelai and Luke Dear Lexie and Mark, Thank you for coming to our wedding!We had the best time, and were so happy you were there.We are so appreciative of your generous gift, and look forward to [adding it to our new car fund, using it to put a down payment on a house, adding it to our honeymoon fund, etc].

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With gratitude, Jesse and Cèline Dear Anthony and Stanford, Thank you so much for attending our wedding!

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