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Note that the cursor’s arraysize attribute can affect the performance of this operation.An empty list is returned when no rows are available.It will probably be better than your own custom dictionary-based approach or even a db_row based solution. If it is not given, the cursor’s arraysize determines the number of rows to be fetched.The method should try to fetch as many rows as indicated by the size parameter.There are two ways to enable the Now you want to store the point in a single SQLite column.First you’ll have to choose one of the supported types first to be used for representing the point.The 4th argument is the name of the database (“main”, “temp”, etc.) if applicable.

It will try to find an entry of ‘mytype’ in the converters dictionary and then use the converter function found there to return the value.

This can be used to build a shell for SQLite, as in the following example: . It should return -1 if the first is ordered lower than the second, 0 if they are ordered equal and 1 if the first is ordered higher than the second.

Note that this controls sorting (ORDER BY in SQL) so your comparisons don’t affect other SQL operations.

SQLite is a C library that provides a lightweight disk-based database that doesn’t require a separate server process and allows accessing the database using a nonstandard variant of the SQL query language.

Some applications can use SQLite for internal data storage.

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Note that the callable will get its parameters as Python bytestrings, which will normally be encoded in UTF-8.

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