Updating 2016 desktop windows 98

The system introduced the control panel and ran the first versions of Excel and Word.Extended memory was supported and updated for the release of Intel’s 80386 processor.DOS was mostly based on a purchased intellectual property, QDOS.GUI-based operating systems of that time included Xerox's Alto, released in 1979, and Apple’s LISA and Macintosh systems, which came later.Windows is Microsoft’s flagship operating system, the de facto standard for home and business computers.

Exiting to DOS meant that the games had direct hardware access and also access to system resources that Windows would have tied up.

Before the system’s first release, however, Steve Jobs and Apple filed suit claiming that Windows stole from LISA.

Microsoft claimed that both operating systems derived inspiration from Xerox’s Alto and that this was the source of their similarities.

Windows 1.0 offered many of the common graphical user interface bits, like scroll bars and “OK” buttons.

Windows 2.0 was faster, more stable and had more in common still with both the LISA and future versions of Windows.

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