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We black women were the ones who wholly embraced the engagement of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle, so much that the British scholars had to correct us on our viral use of the terms #firstblackprincess and #Princess Meghan. So, it would be mighty hypocritical of us to turn on Jordan for also having an interracial relationship.

Black men fell for troll accounts on Michael B jordan's instagram acc regarding the imaginary black panther boycott and threw black women under the bus.Also after proclaiming her love to me in several emails, including poetry, she was very insistent that the money come right away. She said she had instructed her aunt in Moscow buy tickets.All the while she gave the impression that her "mom" was helping with advice. Then she was in an embarrassing situation because she thought I was paying. She asked me to send her money via Western Union to I also was scammed by someone named Galina (Galia) Alexsandrova who claimed to be from Kirov, Russia, but actually lives in nearby Yoshkar-Ola.Maksimova Ksenia Mihailovna also uses the name Oksana Maksimova."Oksana", or someone claiming to be her even telephoned me.

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