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It is basically a ploy to get you to sign up and then upgrade your subscription because the dream girl you found is of a certain level and you'll do just about anything to contact her, preying on your desperate need to hopefully land or catch that trophy fish that you want to mount..your wall guys, don't drift on me just yet. As POF works Meetville is about the same, you have to pay to play.

They even offer a "hook up" category if you are into that.

The great thing about Tinder is you don't have to go through a maze of questions.

Second would be Match, it offers virtually the best platform and users to pick from, but it can be a time suck when getting your profile established and reviewing matches, but that may be necessary depending on how picky you are.

The only drawback with Match in my opinion is cost, but you have to expect this, they spend millions in advertising dollars and this drives the cost.

Third is POF (Plenty O Fish), this site can be a time suck as well, it does offer some free features but remember with free comes scammers, it is easy to hide behind a pretty face that is always 13 miles away from you.

They are so bad at this that I came across multiple profiles that used different user names but used the same pictures, profiles were changed showing different locations, different wants and needs.

They even post pictures of members and when you click on the picture to see the profile it is a totally different female.

Marketing survey's that I researched before signing up with Meetville, suggest more females in this age group use this site and therefore a guys success in finding someone is increased, I'll get back to this later.

This site is full of fake profiles and imaginary people. After paying for the subscription, I started getting lots of winks. They should be ashamed of themselves for having something like this! Even pics with girls and theyre boyfriends- if thats not enough to convince you. Hi Guys/gals, you are all right that meetville is a scam.

They prompt you to pay for the upgrade so you can read your messages that you have received only to find out they are not really messages, just winks from imaginary members. I even came across a few people that I knew on the website. I had my subscription using Apple Pay and I experienced the same issues you experienced.

You will also get females on the take, you'll get story after story of how desperate they are, the ex or roomate has left and she needs a few Benjamin's to buy food or to stop the electric company from cutting off service, it can be somewhat entertaining if you take it far enough.

It's just bizarre especially when get a phone number and search the number through Facebook.

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So in order to get to a respectable percentage and to have a fighting change you probably have to see about 1,800 to 2,000 profiles to find your dream girl, which is impossible unless your unemployed I guess. Number 1 in my opinion is Tinder, great platform, you signup thru FB, no lengthy in app forms to complete to see who you are compatible with.

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