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Où l’on redécouvre l’importance de l’épouillage mutuel !

A l’heure des réseaux sociaux et des rencontres en ligne …

Mais aussi du cyberharcèlement, de la cyberpédophilie ou de la cybersollicitation d’enfants …

Comme du tranquille dénudement public voire de la véritable provocation …

On the flipside, groups can extend to five hundred, the acquaintance level, and to fifteen hundred, the absolute limit—the people for whom you can put a name to a face.

While the group sizes are relatively stable, their composition can be fluid.

“We also had humans in our data set so it occurred to me to look to see what size group that relationship might predict for humans,” he told me recently.

Dunbar did the math, using a ratio of neocortical volume to total brain volume and mean group size, and came up with a number.

These are your best friends (and often family members).

Judging from the size of an average human brain, the number of people the average person could have in her social group was a hundred and fifty.

Anything beyond that would be too complicated to handle at optimal processing levels.

You see them often, but not so much that you consider them to be true intimates.

Then there’s the circle of fifteen: the friends that you can turn to for sympathy when you need it, the ones you can confide in about most things.

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Companies, in turn, tended to be broken down into smaller units of around fifty then further divided into sections of between ten and fifteen.

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