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Having become lukewarm from serving two masters - the desires of the flesh and the service of the Lord - young people run the risk of seeking approval from their peers rather than from God. Saint (Mother) Theresa of Calcutta had this advice for young people: ~You are the future of family life. ~You are the future of making your life something beautiful for God...a pure love. ~Keep your love virgin, so that on the day of your marriage you can give something beautiful to each of a pure love. The second step is to go to our Holy Mother, Mary, Mater pulchrae dilectionis, Mother of Fair Love. Every advertisement has to use it so that you are inclined always to think about it. Well, the reason you want to know about it is that it is a mystery. Parents find it very difficult to teach their children the complete mysteries of sex.

~That you love a girl or that you love a boy is beautiful, but do not spoil it, do not destroy it. Mary Most Pure will help us overcome the many temptations of the flesh and to live holy purity as she lived it so perfectly with Saint Joseph. They can communicate the physical side of love - that is easy - but to communicate to you the mystery, the deep profound love that is involved, well, that is something that is almost impossible to describe.

- Clutch has just announced a string of Springheadline tour dates starting on April 27th in Chattanooga, TN.The best defense is a good offense - maintain a holy attack against impurity. Moreover, remember Sister Christine Joseph's morning prayer and offer every thought, word, and deed of the day to Jesus. Remember, a women's husband is the only person who should see and receive the joy of her body.Follow the dress code for permission to enter Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome: women must cover their shoulders and upper arms, must wear skirts below the knee, the collar of their blouse is to be at the collar bone, and no tight revealing clothing.Among the faithful there are many kinds of scapulars in use, such as the brown scapular or scapular of Mount Carmel worn in honor of Our Lord's passion; the white, in honor of the Holy Trinity; the blue, in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary; and the black, in honor of the seven dolors of the Blessed Virgin.When these are joined together and worn as one they are called the five scapulars.

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