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It costs £67,634 per year to care for each of them, according to the Association of Directors of Children's Services.

That includes £50,716 for residential placement and linked care costs, £4,805 for education, £3,915 for healthcare and £3,826 for social workers.

on View of the body of George Burgess then and there lying dead upon the Oath of the jurors . We have to use our imagination to try to understand what happened in their lives.

That Saturday, the 14 men charged with the inquiry into the death of a toddler had arrived at the White House tavern at noon and, as was their duty, had first viewed the body on which the post mortem had just been carried out.

It is with these witnesses in mind that I write," he continued, thinking it might "ease the minds of the Liverpool witnesses just a little if they knew that almost precisely the same thing had happened to a number of good people like themselves almost a century-and-a-half ago."The murder he referred to took place in Stockport, Cheshire, on 11 April 1861. when how and by what means the said George Burgess came to his death do upon their Oath say that Peter Henry Barratt and James Bradley not having the fear of God before their eyes but being moved and seduced by the instigation of the Devil . low arches where flakes of drifting cotton hang in foul and dirty masses ..." Only the houses of the rich had running water or gas; the rest of the population used standpipes in the streets.

Two eight-year-old boys, Peter Barratt and James Bradley, had killed two-year-old George Burgess, a child they had - so far as is known, just as in the Bulger case - never laid eyes upon before. Hillgate, the very centre of the town, only a stone's throw from the four cotton mills and four hat manufacturers (including the famous Christy's, still there today) which were the town's principal employers, was the home for the three families involved in this story.

Although coroners' hearings were open to the public, newspapers - Stockport and nearby larger Macclesfield had two good ones - appeared only once a week, on Friday.

For the rest of the week the population - few of whom anyway could read - depended for their news on word of mouth.

But the number of lone girls had soared by 19 per cent in the past year.Costs to local authorities for every 100 unaccompanied children are estimated at £6.75million a year.The Home Office provides £3.35million – leaving a shortfall of £3.4million.George Burgess had been found dead on Friday 12 April, and the first day of the inquest was virtually unattended.Three days later, on the afternoon of the day little George was buried, with over 1,000 mourners lining the 20-minute route to the cemetery, there would be hundreds seeking to attend the second hearing, many of them, after the room was full, remaining standing in silence in the street outside.

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