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After learning that this ancestor was married nine times, Jughead reverted to his nickname.

In the Little Archie series, his real name is revealed by Miss Grundy at the start of class.

This remains a mystery to this day, although many stories have hinted at a meaning.

However, close analysis reveals that he is not selfish when it comes to food.His many quirks make him the butt of teasing and abuse from Reggie, Veronica, and even other classmates and teachers.Many episodes involve Reggie and Jughead trying to outdo one another with pranks and bets, and Jughead almost always comes out the victor.At one time after his sweater was filled with holes due to what he thought was a moth when it was actually a chemical accident caused in lab class, he simply reveals that the S on his sweater stands for "soup, sandwich, steak and all kinds of goodies! Jughead is known for his ability to consume unusually high quantities of food in a single sitting without getting sick or gaining weight (although he sometimes sports a potbelly after particularly large meals).Jughead is a preferred customer of most of Riverdale's food establishments, especially Pop Tate's Chocklit Shoppe, except when he is unable to pay his tabs.

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Once, when he sought out Miss Grundy's help as he dabbled in creative writing, she suggested that he write about what he knew. Jughead’s ability to eat so much without gaining weight is attributed to a very rare and realistically implausible metabolism.

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