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The most comprehensive and user-friendly GPS navigation app in the world. ▪ The application is capable of navigating to a zip code, house number or an address book contact. ▪ Turn-by-turn voice guidance with a large register of languages. ▪ If there’s a delay based on the traffic flow, the app automatically finds a new route. PLUS ALL THE FEATURES YOU' D EXPECT FROM A NAVIGATION. Tip: Enter your email address in the app to register it with Aponia, then use this email as a discount coupon in the e-shop when purchasing maps.

New in version 2.4: - constellation names in 5 extra languages - show/hide constellation art entry in app bar Previous versions: - Improved graphics and performance - Stars twinkle -Live tiles -Search in point to sky -3d map rendering in real time -Virtual sky is designed now with a rich set of new textures (Milky Way, constellation artwork, etc) -Ability to see the sky objects below the horizon -Point to sky using the compass sensor if available -red system tray in night mode Sky Map has a full set of features in order to help both casual stargazers and amateur astronomers to explore and locate the objects in the sky: -Realistic Milky Way image and horizon -Constellations with beautiful Johannes Hevelius’s artwork -A lot of settings (manual location, time, map customization, etc) -interactive zoom -night mode -gesture support -constellations, stars, deep space objects, planets, sun and moon information -autocomplete search function -fast loading and initialization -support for portrait and landscape orientations -map rotation mode -point to sky mode -flashlight, map orientation lock and other improvements -help page -improved sky map graphics: planet images, star colors, diffraction spikes, etc -sky object information (wikipedia integration) -new quick settings bar (star density selection, flip map) -alt/az grid -additional customizations (show/hide map layers: planets, stars, messier objects, etc) **** it's awesome 🙆.

This app allows you to switch between the 3 different mapping providers, using their online web apps.* Bing Maps is the mapping solution from Microsoft.

In previous incarnations it has been known as Multi Map and Map Point. Nokia Maps, or Here Maps as it is now called, uses NAVTEQ mapping data.

Excellent.” Main features: • Distance, elapsed time, speed, altitude, burned calories • Advanced map view • Charts for speed and elevation profiles, with ability to fix altitudes online • Splits (intervals of time and distance) • Share by SMS/MMS and post on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, We Chat, Sina Weibo) • Training history and statistics • Export to KML and GPX files • Import KML and GPX files, follow previous routes • One Drive synchronization • Offline maps and background execution • Compatibility with Strava • Auto-pause Advanced features: • Heart rate monitoring using the Zephyr Hx M Bluetooth Wireless Heart Rate Sensor ( • Voice announcements Version number: Varies by device v2.33 • New language: Slovenian v2.32 • New language: Bulgarian v2.31 • Added direct connection to Strava • Minor changes and small improvements v2.30 - v2.30.2 • Ability to display information about current location • Minor changes and small improvements v2.29 • Added a delayed start feature • Added a setting to control the location acquisition rate • The voice can announce the maximum speed v2.27 - v2.28 • Added ability to name routes • Minor changes and small improvements v2.26 • New language: Brazilian Portuguese • Statistics: added heart rate and calories burned • Added ability to read KML files • Minor changes and small improvements v2.25 • New language: Hungarian • Minor changes and small improvements v2.24 • New language: Finnish • Minor changes and small improvements v2.23 • Added an auto-pause feature • New setting to prevent the screen from turning off while recording v2.22 • Minor changes v2.21 • New activity: skiing • GPX: export of the dilution of precision (DOP) v2.18 - v2.20 • Added heart rate monitoring • Improved GPX support • Heart rate data is included in KML and GPX files • Minor changes and small improvements v2.17 • Ability to follow a route on the map • Minor changes and small improvements v2.16 • New languages: Russian, Turkish and Czech v2.15 • Added ability to read and import GPX files • Fixed map offset problem (China) • Minor changes and small improvements Works perfectly on my Lumia 810. I consider each donation I've made money well spent. Current I can export the data and covert it to map for FB but that's a pain. I'm Iranian and my language is Persian 😊 I'll be happy if you accept my offer I'll do this for free 😍😌 Awesome app.

simple, works great every time.” ★★★★★ “Exactly what I've been looking for. I've just started venturing off the treadmill and into the great outdoors, and this is a great way to track my progress. *Update - I continue to donate as the developer continues to update. It's really helped me train to running at different paces for different goals. Love how the developer keeps updating the app to keep it fresh and enhanced. Quick suggestion would be ability to share the map directly to social networks. I run headphones(not very loud) and the program voice comes in lower than my music. Most of the time I'll just run without the music. Good app 🌉🌉🌉🌉🌉Dear programmer 😊 of you want i can help you to add persian(Farsi) language, i can translate English words to Persian...

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