Why is my xm radio saying updating

I was going to write something about RVs, but after watching the launch of Falcon Heavy stream on You Tube around 3pm Tuesday my mind has honestly been elsewhere.

When those two boosters landed simultaneously I actually screamed out loud at my monitor and slapped my hands on the top of my head. I was four when Apollo 11 launched, so this was a lot of fun to watch.

Been using this set up for quite a while and makes working under the engine or fuselage much easier. Good luck "..to go practice today and I was thinking about what skills to work on.

I was wondering if someone had worked out an efficient practice routine?

Lots of airplanes out this day, as the winds pick back up and the clouds lower over the weekend. More formation practice back to 52F with full tanks and stomachs. N924RL is a gas burning machine with a wopping 7 hours TT (and rapidly increasing).

It was cold and windy, but we had another fly-out to Rutherfordton [KFQD] for lunch today. FTW 02/107 52F OBST CRANE (ASN UNKNOWN) (275FT E 500FT S APCH END RWY 17) 640FT (30FT AGL) NOT LGTD 1802071742-1802092300. The thanks is to all of you who have inspired me to persevere, provided needed information, and who have shared in the same frustrations of the build.

I'm imagining something that would kind of flow together to make the most efficient use of time in the air.

Kind of like the type of process that an aerobatic pilot uses for a routine.

I planned, worked, and saved toward this purchase for seven years!

I didn't finish my roast, but I did finish the chocolate pie.

Back to the airport and some of the clearest blue skies we've had around these parts in a good while. Rich Gurr RV-10 Well after four years and four months, two house moves, two Grand kids, a bunch of everything else in life, and toss in a hurricane, I still pulled it off.

The key is getting the mains planted and stick forward. Got it to 17500 on oxygen and I was amazed how fast it got these.

Looks like I am stuck with two plans as I cant decide which one I like better.

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