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Everything from social commentary on the way a television star treats their pets, to recalls and defects in dog food and supplies is listed here for any dog lover or concerned pet parent to view.Holidog, a London-based online dog and cat boarding site which is behind the app, describe it as an opportunity to "chat to, share photos with and meet other dog lovers in your area" and as "the first application that both dogs and dog owners love equally".Holidog founder Julien Muller said recently: “Dogs bring so much joy and love, that they really have the power to connect us.It is also a helpful hub of DIY projects and adorable products to pamper your dog.If you need to do research to help your furry family member stay safe and up to date with hazards, or if you simply want to pamper them with love and cuteness, Oh Mi Dog is definitely a place to check out.

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S, Canada, and Europe, as well as some other places worldwide. Must Love Pets is a dating site for people – you may have guessed it – who must love pets.

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