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After a one-year run, NBC was expected to cancel the program.

But instead, former soap opera actor James Lipton was hired to write the show.

Irna Phillips envisioned Another World as a spin-off of her popular soap opera As the World Turns, but CBS did not have room for it and would not allow a spin-off to air on a competing network.

Phillips instead sold the show to NBC (eager to snap up a show by the successful Phillips), removing references to ATWT Oakdale and cancelling plans to have character crossover appearances by the Hughes family.

In the story, the abortion made her sterile, and the shock from the news caused her to find her ex-boyfriend, Tom Baxter (Nicholas Pryor), and shoot him in cold blood. She then fell in love with and married her lawyer, John Randolph (Michael M. Trustman left the role of Pat in 1967 and was replaced by Beverly Penberthy.

Another notable early storyline revolved around the star-crossed romance of Bill Matthews (Joseph Gallison) and Melissa Palmer (Carol Roux).

She felt that with this kind of showy story she could build an audience more quickly." The first episode was the aftermath of the funeral of wealthy William Matthews.

However, attorney Mitchell Dru (played by Geoffrey Lumb), who had previously been a character on As the World Turns, did become a character on Another World during the early years of the program (1964-1971).

And two characters from another CBS soap, Guiding Light—attorney Mike Bauer and his daughter Hope—did cross over in 1966, remaining for a year before returning to GL.

It was created by Irna Phillips along with William J.

Bell, and was produced by Procter & Gamble Productions at NBC Studios, 1268 East 14th Street in Brooklyn.

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As the '60s went on, the lives and loves of Jim's children, Russ (Sam Groom), Alice (Jacqueline Courtney), and Pat (Susan Trustman), took center stage.

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