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Ever since the creation of online chat rooms and then social networking, people have changed the way they interact with their friends and associates.

However, when it comes to anonymous chatting services, you don't even know what kinds of individuals you are dealing with.

According to Goodwin, Streetsblog’s inquiry represented the first time an “enterprising journalist blew the lid off this” (actually, Stanley Roberts at KRON appears to be first).

He said the Clipper program managers were looking into whether or not there is “wide-spread abuse of this system,” though he acknowledged that they had not determined what the threshold was for that abuse.

Or maybe you did and you hoped to fly under the radar?

While that might make sense in downtown San Francisco, it was a ridiculous proposition at a BART station like Orinda, he said.Of all the ways you can use your Clipper smart card for payment on transit agencies throughout the Bay Area, you probably didn’t realize you could use it like a credit card, spending up to more than the value on the card.And you probably didn’t realize it’s set up with the perverse economic incentive to game the system, whereby you can scam distance-based fare operators like BART out of most of the cost of your trip.When I tagged out at the International Terminal fare gates, instead of an “Insufficient Fare” warning, which I would have seen had I been using a traditional BART fare card, my Clipper card subtracted .10, leaving me with a balance of .90 of someone else’s money.After completing my return trip to Civic Center with my other Clipper card, I ended up with .20 worth of BART rides for .

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MTC spokesperson John Goodwin acknowledged that Clipper cards can “go negative,” which he said the MTC programmed into the card to help customers get out of a transit system where there aren’t fare machines or customer service personnel to help them add value to their cards.

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