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Daniela Ruah is an American actress who is best known for her role in “NCIS: Los Angeles” as Special Agent Kensi Blye. She was born in 2nd of December, 1983 in Boston, Massachuetts.She is Portuguese as well as American by nationality and she belongs to the Jewish family.Because it’s the biggest threat we’ve seen so far to one of our own.And how that pulls the team together, and where we end up going in pursuit of the self-preservation of that team.Kensi’s confronted with a big, big kiss for the first time between Deeks and his past lover, I suppose, and yeah, it’s very interesting how she’s able to react to that. Obviously, there have been comparisons to other will they-or-won’t-they couples. ECO: You don’t want to be lumped together with ], because it’s obvious that you will be in a situation like this. And people made a t-shirt that I’m going to try to buy and make Kensi wear in a scene. And if Deeks gives that to you as a gift, that’d be the funniest thing ever. ECO: But yeah, there are some really talented people that are passionate about the show, and what more can you ask for? You do whatever you’re going to do as far as storytelling and…to have people respond the way they have is the most flattering and exciting thing ever.But I’m also searching for our individuality as a character couple. ECO: Most of those videos on You Tube, I did myself. So by the end of the season, how will we be left with the two of them? ECO: That’s a good question, because I’m not sure how much we’re supposed to reveal about the last three episodes.You want to have your own thing, and you want it to be a little different from everybody else. But it is definitely a compliment, considering they’re great pairs and they’re fun to watch. [] The one with Justin Bieber, that’s just me at home cutting together and putting on like, Justin Bieber… DR: We’re actually really appreciative of the people that put those things together. DR: Put it this way: the last couple of episode are very much banked on Hetty [Linda Hunt] and Callen [Chris O’Donnell], and they’re much more of an ensemble couple of episodes because we all go on a mission together.And some of those are really good, considering half the people are not professional editors. You’ve taken the time to put something really nice together, you know? And, by the way, I read the last episode and I was just like, “I can’t wait for Season 3!

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I’m so glad we were able to get you both at the same time. You’ve said before that there was chemistry between you both as actors from the beginning. So they abbreviate it as “shipper.” ECO: What is that abbreviation for? DR: And also, the writers are great at writing the banter, but they’re also so great at observing how we develop with their writing and throughout the season. So much that [dynamic] began by being an improvisation, and now they write that kind of stuff in. DR: A lot of stuff doesn’t make the cut because it can’t. I think that we didn’t initially — no, not initially.

And I become, as this character, much more aggressive than we’ve ever seen him. And then to see Kensi, how she navigates that dance. Because all of those qualities are things that you get with your best friends, and are things that you get with your lover, with your partner. How much of that is him playing the roll, and how much of that is who he really is?

She becomes, in that moment — instead of aggressive like she normally is — she becomes… Whether it develops into something more physical on the show, I don’t know. But there’s definitely a relationship there between the characters, which is very strong and is very caring. Are we going to be shocked by what we learn about his past? That definitely affects the dynamic of Deeks and Kensi.

DR: She’s never seen him be intimate with a woman before, not for real and not undercover. ECO: I think that’s gotta be a compliment, because if it’s people they love as a couple, and they’re comparing us to them, obviously you take that as a good thing. You will inevitably, I think, be compared to some couples like that, because there is a very similar dynamic.

She may have heard about him dating, but that was about it. I think the challenge, the fun part of it is for all of these couples to try and have their own thing at the same time that will distinguish each couple. ECO: It’s got a picture of Deeks on it, and then he’s shooting a gun or something else.

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ERIC CHRISTIAN OLSEN: It’s a terrible idea, by the way. [] ECO: I thought it would be super funny if during this interview, Dani answered all the questions, and I just made chicken noises the whole time. Did you expect the ‘shipper aspect of this to be as strong as it has been? What kind of improvisation are we talking about here? ECO: I think there’s moments that I try to extend and push a little harder with to get certain reactions. When did you start noticing the romantic undertones? ECO: I’m going to make this as ridiculously oversimplified and simplistic as possible, and apologize before I even say it. ECO: Sympathetic, but also kind of astutely aware of his frame of mind and [she reacts] to that.

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