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(Bogie's on-off girlfriend, Joan Blondell, once famously quipped, "The zipper was invented in 1926.

Bogie demanded one be sewed into all of his pants – sex was a lot faster that way.") Thompson claimed this in her 1982 memoir, in 2010.

Obviously, the key to on screen romance is chemistry between the actors.

Depending on the role, it can be part of a the actors' jobs to have to pretend to fall in love with each other, but sometimes sparks fly for real.

Witherspoon has described their divorce as "humiliating," but never publicly called her ex out for cheating.

Then she rebounded with Jake Gyllenhaal before settling down again with her now-husband, the Hollywood agent Jim Toth.

Well, apparently the appeal of Paris Hilton was too great for Murray to resist as well, because he allegedly hooked up with her while shooting the movie, at least that was the claim made by former Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter, who was dating Hilton at the time. Anyway, Bush filed to have the marriage annulled just five months after they said their vows, but she and Murray awkwardly worked together on the show for another five years.

She later said that they "had no business being in a relationship in the first place," and once referred to Murray as a "f**kboy" on Instagram, so they didn't exactly stay friendly.

You knew Spencer at the beginning, I knew him at the end.

Crowe was always characteristically unabashed in his public statements about the whole affair, once telling Aside from the general quandary of what attracts any woman to Marilyn Manson lies the more perplexing question of how the guy who sang "Cake and Sodomy" ended up in a love triangle with a pair of stunners like Dita Von Teese and Evan Rachel Wood.

But that's allegedly what happened when Manson stepped out on Von Teese, his then lingerie model and burlesque performer wife, with Wood, his co-star in the never-released, — whatever that is.

Or, we can just go on pretending." Louise replied, "Oh, yes.

But you see, I thought you were only a rumour." That is either some Mariah-level shade right there, or a spectacularly sad case of denial.

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Ryan's brief relationship with Crowe was the subject of intense media scrutiny, most of which Ryan largely ignored.

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