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The plan is to have the first storefront be the actual coffee shop, 15-feet x 45-feet, with a cozy variety of the seating you’d probably expect.

Beyond that, an L-shaped bar that seats seven, and beyond that the kitchen.

We don’t think of that as too much of a statement—mostly just that it’s already in our skill set, will taste better, be unique to us, and set us apart from other places around here.

For those who aren’t familiar, will you tell us about your company?

“Our approach to coffee is still very much influenced by the Bay Area scene in the mid-2000s that first turned Aaron, our roaster, on to specialty coffee,” writes Peter Leonard.

“Our brewed coffees are mostly from Central America and East Africa, which is par for the course these days.

These companies, and a few others peppered in between those size levels, all have a slightly different approach to buying and we can flow between them based on what we’re shopping for. A great example of that is Isais Fernandez in Santa Barbara, Honduras.

David Stallings of CCS helped us buy a few bags of Isais’ coffee last year, with the understanding we’d buy more this year.

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The second side would have our stage (constructed of the old floorboards from the coffee side) and additional seating/community space/rentable space.

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