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Return to top Avoid installing multiple security products.

Multiple antivirus and other security products can appear as a threat to each other and, in the process, allow your computer to become infected.

It's the only time I have ever had to do hard shutdown in Windows XP.

The Zone Alarm forum has a thread that mentions the 0x C0000142 error with Azureus, but there's no precise support that explains what to do.

Disabling Zone Alarm's firewall protection will not solve the problem as its filter will still be running in the background. This issue is not limited to Azureus, and has been confirmed by users of many other filesharing clients including ~Bit Tornado, ABC, Shad0w's Experimental, EMule/Gnutella, and Shareaza. This is just one of the many many problems people are having with it.

See my current recommendations for privacy for Firefox and other browsers. Previous (but not current) Zone Alarm Free Antivirus Firewall versions included the following options with at least one required: My recommendation is to deselect all of the above.

Otherwise your current homepage and default search choices will be changed and the toolbar will be installed.

Double-click on the Zone Alarm icon for the product you are installing.

The installation will begin with this dialogue box for the Zone Alarm Extreme Security product (other versions are slightly different): Choose the “Custom Install” option (the text is under the yellow Quick Install button) so that you can choose the options you want for the Security Toolbar: Depending upon the version you're installing, one or more of options may be pre-selected.

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The free products tend to concentrate mostly on their pure protection function.

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