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Chicago's own Levitski came this close (trust us, it's close) to winning season three, but had to settle for runner-up and co-owning a successful bistro with a "swank-meets-swamp" vibe.Frog legs incapable of running away from your mouth share space with burgers and steak on the menu. The first to go in season four, Osman hasn't yet opened her own place.He posted on Facebook: 'This strategy was Britain's opportunity to lead the way and to implement real, meaningful environmental change, to start removing the crippling financial burden from our NHS and reversing the tide of diet-related disease.'This includes compulsory measured targets across all nutrients - not just sugar - and mandatory traffic light labeling across all food and drink products, regardless of whether they are consumed inside or outside the home.' Ministers hope the food industry will cut 20 per cent of sugar from the foods children enjoy, such as cereals, yoghurt, sweets, breads and desserts, over the next five years, with a 5 per cent cut in the first year.Government officials said they opted for a voluntary sugar reduction scheme over legislation so the food industry could start taking steps to reduce sugar immediately, rather than waiting for the law to be changed.Nine (now closed), Rockaway Plate Lunch Truck (now closed) What's He Up to Now?

After her Brooklyn spot burned down in 2008, Becerra hasn't owned another place, but keeps busy hosting pop-up dinners and posting recipes on her tumblr. There're scant details on what she's been getting into other than a Linked In profile that says she works for a "ready-to-eat custom food product" company as a "Culinary Trainer". and settled in Grand Cayman, where she's now the exec chef at Ortanique, a restaurant overlooking Camana Bay that serves "tasty tropical flavors".

Restaurants Opened: Mayfair & Pine What's She Up to Now?

She opened the M&P gastropub in DC with her husband in July 2012, but it closed in March 2013.

Don't let that stop you from going, it actually looks pretty good.

Restaurants Opened: Williamsburgh Cafe (now closed), Imperial No.

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