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But focusing on the differences exaggerates those differences.

since recently like a couple of months ago I started to get these weird moments where I fantasise about guys. then I snap out and feel horrible about myself just to make one thing staight (pun intended) I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST GAY PEOPLE!! sometimes when I watch movies or tv shows and a hot guy shows up I secretly think ''Damn boy!“If you look at gay men and women,” says Fleischman, “you’ll see that gay men have a lot more partners than gay women do.” Having to gain consent from a man is a far lower bar to clear, she says, than gaining consent from a woman.This could be because of some fundamental difference between gay men and straight men, other than their sexual preference – but it doesn’t seem to be.Those stereotypes are about what separates groups, not what unites them.“The stereotypes are about the things that make men and women apparently different from each other.

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