Updating database using dataadapter

A provider needs to perform only four basic steps: Figure 1-1 shows how this relationship works.Data Access Consumers Developers who use languages that support pointers—such as C, C , VJ , and so on—can speak directly to the ODBC and OLE-DB APIs.This resulted for several reasons: First, users who developed smaller applications, where performance wasn’t as critical, didn’t want to take the time to switch over to the new API.Second, RDO was originally only released with the Enterprise Edition of Visual Basic, so some developers didn’t have a choice.

ODBC was a huge leap forward and helped to greatly simplify database-driven application development. was the next big step forward in data providers, and it is still widely used today.When companies switched to a new database system, any knowledge of how to use the old system became worthless and the developer had to learn a new system from scratch.Something needed to be done to standardize the way in which data was retrieved from various sources.OLE-DB is also much less dependent upon the physical structure of the database.It supports both relational and hierarchical data sources, and does not require the query against these data sources to follow a SQL structure.

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