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The other two loci are smaller blueschist boulders (4 and 5 m tall).

The four loci surround an enigmatic wetland that I believe may represent a relic animal wallow.

Archaeological Investigations at Jasper Rock Since 2003, archaeological excavations have been underway at Jasper Rock, a highly-polished jasper outcrop with evidence of past quarrying.

The single deep excavation unit revealed quarry debris to 220 cm, and several possible hammerstone spalls were found at 200-220 cm.

The auger test made in the same unit recovered what may prove to be small pieces of quarry shatter to 340-350 cm.

Additionally, an auger test within the deep unit had been excavated to a depth of 403 cm.

As we excavated down, we discovered that the rock outcrop is polished to a depth of 2 m below the current ground surface.

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(4) It is possible (but certainly not proven) that the cultural component (or components) found between 100-180 cm at Jasper Rock is contemporaneous with the early Holocene occupations at nearby Duncans Landing Rockshelter.

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